Sushil Modi targeted the Lalu family, asked- Will 10 lakh youth get jobs in fake companies

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Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi again targeted the Lalu family on Sunday through a tweet. Modi said that is it not right that during Rabri Devi’s reign, Lalu Prasad took over Tisco’s two-storey guest house built in 7,105 sq ft in Patna through a facade company called Fair Grow Holding Private Limited? Asked if that guest house was grabbed for the poor.

Modi questioned why the Lalu family did not buy Tisco’s valuable assets directly. Said why the support of the mask company was taken in it. Tejashwi Yadav was told that the company named Fair Grow was linked to his family name, was it a fake company? The company was not found at the registered address in Kolkata.
Deputy CM said that if RJD is going to give job in one such fake companies to one million youth of Bihar. He said that what was the merit between the ninth pass Tejashwi Prasad Yadav and the inter pass Tej Pratap Yadav that both sons of Lalu Prasad were made direct directors in the company.

He said were these appointments not for taking undue advantage from the Lalu-Rabri government? Tejashwi Yadav explains why his father left the concern of the poor, only to overcome the poverty of his family, by adopting a way of grabbing precious land through fake companies.

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