Sunil Jakhar Exclusive Interview: ‘If you have the power, then the Congress high command should take action in Rajasthan, decide whether the pilot is wrong or Gehlot’, know why Sunil Jakhar said this


Sunil Jakhar, the former state president of Punjab Congress and one of the good book of Congress, not only surprised everyone by resigning suddenly but also made all kinds of allegations against the Congress. Jakhar says that the leaders of Punjab started doing that work in Punjab which was not being done even in the era of terrorism. He says that I had done the work of putting antimony in the eyes of Congress, but leaders like Ambika Soni and Harish Chaudhary gave a message to the high command that I am tearing my eyes. He says that if Congress really wants to do doodh ka doodh and pani ka pani, then it should also decide in Rajasthan whether Sachin Pilot was wrong by protesting or Ashok Gehlot sitting on the post of Chief Minister. He says that a lot of politics has happened now. Now he will sit quietly. On the question of joining another party, he said to distance himself from politics for the time being. Sunil Jakhar said many such things during a conversation with Ashish Tiwari of Amar Here are excerpts from the conversation.


question: You were completely surprised by resigning. Was it already planned or suddenly made up my mind.
answer: (laughs) I am a small Congress worker. One who runs from the heart instead of the mind. How can I surprise the party?

question: You are counted among the big leaders of Congress. If there was any displeasure, you could have met the high command and expressed your views. Come to Facebook and then say good bye…
answer: What was it that the high command did not know. Is madam ignorant about the politics of Punjab? But his eyes and ears were two such leaders of Punjab, who were not only provoking him but were also preparing the ground to clean up the Congress.

question: Which leaders were they?
answer: Ambika Soni and Harish Chaudhary. It was these two leaders who told the madam and the high command that Sunil Jakhar was doing an eye-popping job in Punjab. Whereas the reality is that I was doing the work of putting antimony in the eyes of the Congress. Tell me… Ambika Soni tried to divide Punjab in the politics of Hindu and Sikh. Hey…when even the roaring guns could not divide Punjab into Hindus and Sikhs in the era of terrorism, did these leaders go to divide Punjab?

question: So do you think the explanation that the high command sought from you and removed you from the posts was due to this politics?
answer: The party should tell me which post I was in which I was removed. As for answering the question, why should I reply in the explanation sent after the allegations of such champ and sycophantic leaders. The party high command knows everything.

question: But your displeasure was with the party high command after the sudden removal of Captain Amarinder from the post of Chief Minister. You too were removed from the post of president. It was being said that you are a big contender for the post of Chief Minister. But at the last minute everything went wrong.
answer: Now it is better if you do not answer all these questions from me. I just want to say one thing that there is nothing that the party does not know.

question: Congress’s Chintan Shivir is going on in Udaipur. New strategies are being devised for the coming elections. How are you looking at them?
answer: Anything can be done for formality. In Udaipur’s contemplation camp, you are sitting and discussing the war between Russia and Ukraine. This is not going to benefit the party. It is better that you make plans to strengthen the workers in the party. Make plans on how to get rid of smugglers and sycophants. Only then will the contemplation camps be successful.

question: Leaders of big states of the country including Rajasthan have reached Udaipur’s Chintan Shivir. For the betterment of Congress, something will come out in front of it.
answer: Answer: Talking about the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, I think there can be no better platform for Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot than this. There was fierce protest in Rajasthan too. Sachin Pilot did it. Ashok Gehlot should ask the Congress high command from the full stage that if Sachin Pilot, who protested, was wrong, then he should be expelled from the party. And if it was not so, then Ashok Gehlot himself should resign from the post of Chief Minister. This is where you see the difference, how the high command differs in Punjab and Rajasthan.

question: Nowadays, the Bharatiya Janata Party is taking leaders who have joined the BJP after breaking from the Congress to big positions. Even the Chief Minister is making it in the states. You are a strong leader. If you have left Congress, will you go to BJP or any other party? Or has any party other than BJP approached you?
answer: No one has contacted me and I have not contacted anyone. Now I will sit quietly at home.

question: It was very impossible, you have said that you will sit at home quietly. Your entire life and your family’s life has been devoted to Congress. Will talk to Congress. Have you not spoken to any Congress leader after resigning?
answer: If you leave the party, all these things have become old for me. Neither I have spoken to any leader nor any leader has spoken to me. Now all the chapters are closed.