Subramanian Swamy will have to vacate the government house in 6 weeks, Delhi HC orders

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has been given 6 weeks by the Delhi High Court to vacate his government residence in Delhi. Swamy was given this accommodation in 2016 on the basis of inputs of security threat. Now the government says that it is not liable to provide accommodation to those people whose security cover has been extended for some more time. After hearing the counsel for the Central Government, Justice Yashwant Verma said that Swamy has not given any such information to show why he needs government accommodation. Subramanian Swamy has been given Z security cover.

Subramanian Swamy was allotted a government residence on January 15, 2016. For this, the period of 5 years had ended and after that Swami had demanded an extension of its time. On this, the reply was given by the Central Government that it will no longer provide housing. Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain, appearing for the Home Ministry, told the court that the government does not want to extend the residence time. The security provided to the owner. It will now be given at his residence in Nizamuddin East.

Subramanian Swamy’s Rajya Sabha term also ended on April 24, 2022. He was a member of the upper house, so he was living in the government house even after the allotment limit was over, but now the government is not in a mood to extend the time. Jain said that under the Public Premises Act, the residence of the owner in the house has been declared authorized. Even after this, no action was taken against him as his petition was pending in the High Court. He said that Union ministers and judges of Delhi High Court need accommodation. On this, the court ordered that Subramanian Swamy will have to vacate the house within the next 6 weeks.

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