Sri Lanka Crisis: Truck driver dies in line at petrol pump for 5 days in Sri Lanka

Image Source : AP FILE
Sri Lankan auto rickshaw drivers queue up to buy petrol near a fuel station in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


  • The truck driver was found dead in his car near the petrol pump.
  • This is the 10th death in the country while waiting in the queue for fuel.
  • Sri Lanka is facing shortage of fuel as well as medicines.

Sri Lanka Crisis: The situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse day by day. On one hand, while everyday items are becoming expensive, they are also becoming difficult to find in the market. Long queues of vehicles are seen at petrol pumps for diesel and petrol, and people have to stand in queues for several days for fuel. A 63-year-old truck driver has died after standing in line for 5 days at a petrol pump in the western state of Sri Lanka.

Man died while waiting inside the car

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka is battling its worst economic crisis since independence, and is deeply in debt. This is the 10th death of a truck driver while waiting in line to buy fuel at petrol pumps in Sri Lanka. Giving information about this on Thursday, the police said that the man was found dead inside his car while waiting in line at the petrol pump in Angurwatota. In this way, the death toll while waiting in line has now increased to 10.

One person died in Panadura fuel center

Those who died while waiting in the queue were all men and their age ranged from 43 to 84 years. Most of the people who lost their lives while queuing died due to heart attack. A week ago, a 53-year-old man died while waiting in line for several hours at a fuel center in Panadura, Colombo. It is being told that the person died of a heart attack while waiting in the three-wheeler.

Food and drink expensive in Sri Lanka, acute shortage of medicines

This beautiful country with a population of about 22 million is currently facing its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years since independence. There is a severe fuel shortage in Sri Lanka, and food prices are skyrocketing. At the same time, the country is also facing acute shortage of medicines. The situation has worsened to such an extent that government employees are being encouraged to take up farming during the Friday holiday to ease the food crisis.

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