SpiceJet: Flight going from Mumbai to Durgapur caught in storm during landing, major accident averted, 40 passengers injured


A SpiceJet flight Boeing B737, which was flying from Mumbai to Durgapur, encountered a severe atmospheric disturbance while landing on Sunday. Due to the shock of the plane, the luggage kept in the cabin started falling on the passengers. 40 passengers have been reported injured due to this.


This sudden incident caused panic inside the plane. It is said that the condition of 10 of the injured is serious. An airline spokesperson said that the plane later landed safely at Durgapur. Medical facilities were provided to the injured passengers immediately. Expressing grief over the accident, the airline said that all possible medical facilities will be provided to all the injured passengers.

SpiceJet aircraft Boeing B737 took off from Mumbai to Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in Durgapur, West Bengal. Just when the plane was about to land, it got stuck in a severe atmospheric disturbance.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said, “On May 1, SpiceJet’s Boeing B737 aircraft while operating flight SG-945 from Mumbai to Durgapur was landing at the airport when it encountered a severe atmospheric disturbance at the time, which unfortunately resulted in some passengers. got hurt.”

The spokesman said that immediate medical aid was provided when the aircraft landed at Durgapur. “SpiceJet regrets this unfortunate incident and is providing all possible medical assistance to the injured,” he said.