Spacex: SpaceX fired employees who criticized Elon Musk


Tesla CEO and billionaire businessman Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has fired many of its employees. The fault of these employees was that they wrote an open letter criticizing Musk’s behavior and wrote that Musk has taken several steps in recent weeks to distract and embarrass employees.

First, the New York Times published the news on information from three employees without revealing their identities. It then cited an e-mail from SpaceX company president Gwynne Shotwell saying that the company had terminated the services of the employees who signed the letter and circulated it.

It is not immediately clear how many SpaceX employees have lost their jobs, but according to the e-mail, the action has been taken in violation of the code of conduct. Their services were terminated on Friday as per Indian time. On this day, Musk addressed Twitter workers for the first time.

There are many things to do, such hyperactivity is not necessary.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell wrote in an e-mail that the letter left many employees feeling uncomfortable and intimidated. He was being pressured to sign a document which did not reflect his views. He wrote, we have very important tasks to do, this kind of hyperactivity is not necessary.

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