Sometimes snow also melts, DK Shivakumar himself told why he agreed to become deputy CM

Sometimes snow also melts, DK Shivakumar himself told why he agreed to become deputy CM

The Congress has succeeded in making a formula for the post of Chief Minister of Karnataka. Under this, senior leader Siddaramaiah will be the Chief Minister. At the same time, state president DK Shivakumar will be made deputy CM. The party may announce it officially by Thursday evening and the swearing-in ceremony may take place on Saturday. It is being said that this tussle has ended after the intervention of former National President Sonia Gandhi. However, in the meantime, Shivakumar’s brother and Congress MP DK Suresh has expressed disagreement over the decision.

What did Shivkumar say on the new formula

Shivkumar says that he has agreed on the interest of the Congress. He said, ‘Our Congress party has a commitment to the people of Karnataka. General elections are coming. In such a situation, I will have to bow down before the AICC President and the Gandhi family. “Sometimes the tension should end and dialogue should start,” he said. Ultimately we have a responsibility towards the people of Karnataka and we have to fulfill it.

Shivakumar’s brother disagrees

MP DK Suresh has also openly expressed his disagreement on this decision. “I am not completely happy, but in the interest of Karnataka, we want to fulfill our promises…. So DK Shivakumar had to accept this. We will see more in future, there is still a long way to go…. He said that he wanted Shivkumar to become the CM. There were reports that even Shivkumar himself was not agreeable to anything less than the post of Chief Minister.

Brainstorming for four days and the role of Sonia Gandhi

On 13 May, the results of the Karnataka assembly elections were declared, where the Congress was all set to form the government with a clear majority by winning 135 seats. After this the question of who is the chief minister continued for about 4 days. Regarding this, a series of meetings and big meetings continued from Karnataka to Delhi. The meeting was going on at the residence of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that Sonia present in Shimla has played a big role in persuading Shivkumar. It is being said that the former Speaker has spoken to Shivakumar, after which he agreed to the Deputy CM formula. At present, in the new political system, Shivkumar can be given many important ministries apart from the deputy CM.

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