Some retired judges have become part of anti-India gang, said Law Minister Kiren Rijiju

Some retired judges have become part of anti-India gang, said Law Minister Kiren Rijiju

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday claimed that some retired judges and some activists, who have become part of the anti-India gang, are trying to make the Indian judiciary play the role of the opposition party. Rijiju once again criticized the collegium system of appointing judges, saying it was a result of the Congress party’s “adventure”. The Union Minister was speaking at the ‘India Today Conclave’. However, Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud later in the same program defended the collegium system, saying, “Every system is not free from faults, but this is the best system we have evolved.”

He said the system is “aimed at protecting the independence of the judiciary, which is a fundamental value”. Rijiju hit out at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his recent remarks in London on the state of democracy in India. It is said that the person who speaks the most says that he is not allowed to speak. Rijiju alleged, “Anti-India forces inside and outside India use the same language that democracy is in danger, human rights do not exist in India. Rahul Gandhi also uses the same language that this anti-India gang says. He said that whatever Rahul Gandhi says is propagated and broadcast with a ‘loud voice’ by the ‘same ecosystem’. Is.

Rijiju said, “The same ecosystem is working inside and outside India. We will not allow this ‘tukde tukde gang’ to destroy our integrity and our sovereignty. and the theme of the seminar was ‘Accountability in the appointment of judges’. He said, “But the whole day there was talk about how the government is taking control of the judiciary.” share an excellent relationship with.

Rijiju said, “Among the retired judges – perhaps three or four judges and some activists who are part of the anti-India gang – these people are trying to make the Indian judiciary play the role of the opposition party.” “Some people even go to court and say please rein in the government, please change the policy of the government. These people want the judiciary to play the role of the opposition party, which is not possible. He said that the judiciary is neutral. He said, “The judges are neither part of any group, nor do they have any political affiliation with any group. How can these people openly say that Indian Judiciary should be face to face with the Government. What kind of propaganda is this.” Asked if any action was being taken against such elements, he said, “Action will be taken, action is being taken as per law. No one will be able to escape.

On the issue of appointment of judges, Rijiju said the judiciary has no role in initiating and finalizing the appointment of judges. “It happened only because of the mistakes of the Congress party and later the Supreme Court started acting in a manner which some people call judicial overreach,” he said. After that the collegium system came into existence.” But as of now, the position of the government is very clear that the collegium system is in force, he said. “Until a new system is implemented, we will follow the collegium system, but judges cannot be appointed by judicial order,” he said. It is purely administrative (decision).

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