Solidarity of Muslims, Congress’s guarantee; BJP finds 3 reasons for defeat

Solidarity of Muslims, Congress’s guarantee;  BJP finds 3 reasons for defeat

The Bharatiya Janata Party has held a review meeting on the defeat in the Karnataka assembly elections. Three main reasons have been listed in this. According to the saffron party, the defeat in Karnataka was due to the guarantees given by the Congress in the election manifesto, the united vote of Muslims and the lack of coordination among the leaders.

congress guarantee

Senior BJP leaders held a meeting on this issue with several leaders who are in charge of elections in Karnataka and have come to this conclusion. A BJP leader says, ‘Congress’ guarantee card was delivered to almost every household in Karnataka. Most of those promises were for women. He also says that the BJP had also made almost similar promises, but there was a lot of delay in it.

Lack of coordination among BJP leaders

The biggest thing that has come to the fore in the review meeting of BJP is the lack of coordination among the leaders of the party. Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi was giving prominence to BS Yeddyurappa, a strong leader coming from the Lingayat community, on big platforms, there was a lack of such coordination at the state level. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and BS Yeddyurappa did not get along. Let us tell you that BJP made Bommai the Chief Minister of Karnataka by removing Yeddyurappa.

solidarity of muslims

Let us tell you that Karnataka has a total of 56 Muslim majority seats. The BJP won 42 of these seats in the 2018 Karnataka assembly elections. There was polarization of Hindus here. The situation reversed in this election. The BJP is assuming that Muslims have voted unitedly. Congress got 55 out of these 56 seats. BJP had to satisfy with just one seat. If we look at Muslim votes, Congress has got 78 percent, JDS 12 percent and BJP 5 percent. The Congress had fielded 15 Muslim candidates. Of these, 9 have been successful in becoming MLAs.

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