Soldier locked in farmer and beaten up for not giving 1000 rupees as bribe

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In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, on the charge of not paying a bribe of one thousand rupees, the soldier was gunned down in a check post. The case was complained to the CO. Investigation revealed that the farmer clashed with his neighbor over the dung cake. They were invoiced by the police in peace after both were beaten up.

Ramveer Yadav of Prithvipur village of Nababpura, the outpost of Sirauli police station area, said that he had a fight with Shripal in the village over the dupes. The police invoked both the parties while taking action to disturb the peace. The outpost police took both sides in a rented van and took bail to Amla. In the return van, we were left with two people.

It is alleged that in return, the soldier had asked for four thousand rupees as van fare from the four people. Ramvir refused to give the money, the other three people also did not give the money. Angered by this, the soldier took down the three people upon coming to the village, did not let him down and took him to the police post. Locked inside the post and beat him badly. The beating marks have formed on his body. The victim has done CO from Amla.

There was a dispute between Ramveer son Gaj Ram and Shripal son Gokul Singh resident Prithvipur police station Sirauli Bareilly about breaking the Kande Uple. Drinking alcohol by Ramveer had broken up the stools of Shripal 112 No. Both were taken to the outpost to convince both sides by the outpost incharge 151 action was taken by bringing both sides to the police station for not believing that the attempt was made to extinguish the said Ramveer, angered by the police action, the accused have been accused of demanding Rs.1000 for assault against the accused Shivam.

Ramvir and Shripal had a dispute over breaking the dung. Police received information on number 112. Tried to convince both, if not convinced, then challaned in peace. Angered by the police action, the soldier has been accused of fabricated bribe. – Rohit Singh Sajwan, SSP