Snake anger in Balrampur? Three brothers were bitten in three days, two died, one was in critical condition

Within three days in Balrampur, the snake bitten three brothers. Two real brothers died in these and the condition of my cousin remains critical. The first elder brother died due to snake bite. The fire of his pyre had not even cooled down that the younger brother died of snakebite. The snake has also bitten my brother sleeping in the verandah. His condition also remains critical. The incident took place in Bhawaniyapur village of Laliya police station area.

The snake first targeted elder brother Arvind Mishra on Monday night. He died on Tuesday at Bahraich District Hospital during treatment. After his brother’s funeral, 25-year-old younger brother Govind Mishra had fallen asleep after dinner at 9 pm on Wednesday. His wife also slept next to him. Chandrashekhar, 22, a resident of Govind’s cousin Sikandarbojhi, was also sleeping in the verandah.

Both Govind and his cousin Chandrashekhar were bitten by the snake while sleeping, but due to tired sleeping, the information could not be found at that time. At one o’clock in the night, the condition of both of them deteriorated. Both of them started having pain in their stomach. His eyes were blurry.

Govind and Chandrashekhar were admitted to a private hospital located in Laxmanpur market of Shravasti. Later, Govind was taken to the district hospital in Sirsia. When his condition became critical, the doctor referred him to Bahraich. Govind died at 10 o’clock in the morning. After the condition of Chandrashekhar admitted in Laxmanpur private hospital did not improve, the doctor has also sent him to Bahraich district hospital.

Shivpura CHC Superintendent Dr. Pranav Pandey told that Govind has been bitten by a krait snake. Snake bite marks have been found in his toe. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sushil Kumar, ACMO Dr. AK Singhal, Inspector-in-Charge of Police Station Laliya Santosh Kumar Tiwari etc. have taken stock of the incident.

Old mother who lost two young sons in three days

The old mother and father, who lost two young sons between three days, are in a bad condition. The wives of Govind and Arvind are weeping. When CMO Dr. Sushil Kumar arrived, the old mother started crying after clinging to him. The police team of Laliya police station was seen encouraging everyone. The financial condition of father Sadhuram is not good. It was decided that they should be assisted by the government by conducting a post-mortem.

Avoid snakebites by using mosquito nets

Medical Superintendent Dr. Pranav Pandey told that poisonous species of snakes are present in Terai. There are abundance of snakes here. Due to the rainy season, snakes take shelter in people’s homes for their safety. The snake of Karait species is accustomed to climbing on the wall. He even climbs on the cot. Does not miss to bite at the slightest movement of the sleeping person.

Sleeping with a mosquito net can provide protection. Villagers should definitely use mosquito nets. He told that anti snake injection is available at CHC. Oxygen is also available. The patient’s life is saved when he is brought to the hospital instead of the broom after being bitten by a snake.

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