SIT again reached resort in Ankita Bhandari murder case, many documents seized; secrets will open

The SIT formed in the Ankita Bhandari murder case has started expediting the investigation after the final report of the post-mortem. The SIT team constituted under the leadership of DIG P. Renuka Devi visited the crime scene including AIIMS Rishikesh, Vanantara Resort and collected evidence. After Ankita’s final post-mortem report came, the SIT has increased the investigation.

The SIT gathered information related to the report from the doctors of the post-mortem panel of AIIMS. For about two hours, the team discussed separately with the doctors. The team also investigated the spot on Tuesday after questioning two employees of the resort. After getting the detailed information related to the post-mortem report from the doctors of AIIMS, the team has also taken some documents.

The team of SIT is stepping into the Ankita murder case. If sources are to be believed, the SIT has got many important clues related to Ankita’s murder. The team can soon take the remand of the killers. The SIT also recovered a gray colored Activa and a black colored Pulsar motorcycle.

Apart from this, the couple, who had worked in the resort in the past in the above case by the SIT and other related have also been called for questioning. The couple had also made serious allegations against the owner of Vanantara Resort, Pulkit Tyagi. The SIT is proceeding with the investigation of the case covering every aspect.

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Where did the police take the two youths

On Tuesday, the SIT team put two youths of the resort in the vehicle. Police sources said that these two youths will prove to be important witnesses in the case. So the youths have been taken to the court to record their statements. At present, the SIT is not ready to comment on this matter. Many policemen including Inspector Rajendra Kholia were present in the police vehicle.

Why did the bulldozer run at Vanantara Resort? DM Pauri disclosed

The DM has clarified the status of running bulldozers at Vanantara Resort located in Gangabhogpur of Yamkeshwar tehsil of Pauri district. DM Dr. Vijay Kumar Jogdande has told that preliminary information has been collected about the demolition of the resort with a bulldozer. In which illegal encroachment has been confirmed and the same part of the resort was demolished which was illegal.

Questions were being raised for the last several days regarding running a bulldozer at this resort located in Gangabhogpur. The DM said that on September 22 and 23, the police had gathered all the evidence by going to the resort. After checking all the documents, the illegal part of the resort was demolished by the tehsil administration as per the rules.

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Which included the main gate of the resort including some part of the outer security wall of the resort. The DM said that SSP Pauri has also confirmed that no evidence has been tampered with and misleading and factless news and information are being spread in this regard.

The DM said that the state government and district administration are working seriously on every aspect related to this incident. Such information is denied which is being spread about the demolition of the resort. Said that the administration is coordinating with the SIT probing the Ankita murder case. Full cooperation is being given in the investigation.

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