Sidhu Moose Wala Murder: Police told – after the murder the shooters called the gangster, said – work is done, killed him


The Special Cell of Delhi Police has got a big success in the Sidhu Musewala murder case. The police have arrested three, including the module head of the shooters. A large number of weapons and explosives have been recovered from the shooters. In which grenades, grenade launchers, pistols etc. have been recovered.

The police told in a press conference on Monday that even before today an arrest has been made in this case. It was a very challenging task for the Special Cell. The incident took place in Punjab, so the challenge was greater. The aim of our team was to catch the people who carried out this incident as soon as possible. Our team was constantly working on this. Every information related to the perpetrators of the incident is being gathered.

  • About the crime, the mastermind and the fellow shooters

Mastermind – Priyavrat aka Fauji

The shooter Priyavrat hatched the murder plan, who was in constant touch with Goldie Brar. Before the murder was seen at a petrol pump in Fatehgarh. The police got its CCTV footage. Priyavrat Sonipat is a resident of Haryana. Six shooters and two cars were involved in the murder.

Second Shooter – Kashish aka Kuldeep

Kashish, a resident of Jhajjar, was involved in the murder. This was also seen at Fatehgarh petrol pump.

Third Shooter- Keshav Kumar

After the incident, all the shooters were helped to escape.


  • eight grenades
  • three pistols
  • cartridges
  • explosives

Six shooters opened fire

Told that the Musewala massacre has been carried out through two modules, which were in contact with their kingpin sitting in Canada. Four shooters were in the Bolero car on the day of the incident, two shooters were sitting in the other car. This gang was constantly doing recce of Moosewala. Six shooters opened fire on the day of the incident. On 19th our team was successful in arresting them. Grenades have been recovered from them. Four shooters are yet to be arrested. Our team is working continuously for their arrest. The head of this module is Priyavrat alias Fauji. The second shooter, Keshav Kumar, was the facility available.

So far six shooters have been identified. Manpreet Manu fired at Sidhu Musewala. All six shooters fired multiple rounds. Bolero Kashish was driving the car. Four including Ankit Sirsa, Deepak and Priyavrat, the head of the shooter’s module, were in the vehicle. Another car was a Corolla, which was being driven by Jagroop. Manpreet Manu, who was in this car, fired at Moosewala. Manpreet Manu and Roopa left after the incident.


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