Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab got fever, polygraph test had to be stopped midway

Everyone is shocked by the revelations of the Shraddha Walker murder case. To get closer to the case, polygraph test of accused Aftab is being conducted. On Tuesday, once the police had got Aftab’s polygraph test done. Today i.e. on November 24, the second round of polygraph test was being conducted which could not be completed. Aftab’s polygraph test was going on in the Forensic Science Laboratory when suddenly he got fever. Due to fever, the test had to be stopped midway. Police said that Aftab would be brought back to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) tomorrow and his polygraph test would be completed. Please tell that this polygraph test of the second round will take around 8 hours.

Test had to be stopped midway

It may be known that yesterday i.e. on Wednesday also, Aftab was brought for round-2 polygraph test at the Forensic Science Laboratory. Aftab’s test could not be conducted yesterday as he was not found fit for the test. Today the test was going on but in between he got fever. Because of this the polygraph test had to be stopped midway. Means Aftab’s round-2 polygraph test is not being done since two days. PRO Sanjeev K Gupta of Forensic Science Laboratory told that Aftab will be brought again tomorrow and his polygraph test will be done.

Narco test was about to happen but…

The court had given permission to get Aftab’s narco test done. His narco test was scheduled to take place on 21 November. But later it was learned that before the narco test, he would have to undergo a polygraph test. Before this one round of polygraph test has been done for Aftab. For the last two days, his second round test is not being done. Today the test had to be stopped in the middle because he got fever. Aftab’s narco test will be done only after the completion of the polygraph test.

What is polygraph test?

Polygraph test is also called lie detector test in easy language. Have you noticed that there are many changes in our body while lying? We can see some changes like sweating, trembling, but there are many such changes which come inside the body. A machine is used to detect these changes. This machine monitors the changes inside the body.

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What changes take place inside the body while lying?

No matter how confidently you lie, your body undergoes many changes. For example, your heart rate will start increasing or decreasing, the speed of breathing will also change, blood pressure will start fluctuating, etc. All these changes can be seen on the monitor of a machine. For this, several wires are placed on the subject’s body. The activity inside the body is monitored by these wires only. Keep one thing in mind, no medicine or injection is given to the subject in the polygraph test. Whereas in narco test, unconsciousness injection is given.

Please tell that Aftab killed Shraddha and cut her into pieces. There is anger among the people regarding this case in the whole country. People want this case to be solved quickly and the accused should be punished. In such a situation, it has to be seen what comes out in the polygraph test.

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