Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh on the path of CM Yogi, illegal madrasas will be closed

In Madhya Pradesh, action is going to start against madrassas running illegally or illegally. Such madrasas are now going to be locked down. Regarding this, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Spirituality of MP, Usha Thakur has said that the madrasas which are not fit according to the rules, they will be closed.

Minister Usha Thakur said that the State Government has got such information that there are many such madrasas in the state which are running only on paper. Along with this, there are also some in which operations are being done by putting tables and boards in a room. He said that he has made up his mind to close the unrecognized and fake madrasas on paper and action will be taken against those found guilty.

There are more than 7700 registered madrasas in Madhya Pradesh

According to the information received, there are more than 7700 registered madrasas in the state, but after the inspection done by the Children’s Commission, dozens of madrasas were found not operating as per the rules. The number of madrassas under the Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Board is in thousands and along with this, there is also a provision of getting grant money to teachers in madrasas by the government on the basis of appointment.

Action was also taken in UP

Let us tell you that earlier after the Yogi Adityanath government came in UP, strict decisions were taken regarding madrasas in the state. Due to which action was also included to close the fake and illegally running madrasas.

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