Shashi Tharoor said – Congress will be zero in the circle of BJP becoming light, explained through Pepsi-Coke

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Senior party leader Shashi Tharoor has warned against allegations by Congress party and Rahul Gandhi on the path of moderate Hindutva to compete with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He has said that the Congress party will end in the cycle of becoming a BJP light. He also said that secularism in India as a principle and convention is under threat and the ruling party may try to remove the word from the constitution. However, he insisted that ‘the forces of hatred cannot change the secular character of the country’.

Tharoor said in an interview about his new book ‘The Battle of Bilanging’ that the Congress party cannot afford to become a ‘BJP Light’ (another form of BJP) because it threatens its “Congress Zero (Congress is over)” is. He said that his party does not present a weak form of the BJP’s political message and the sense of Indian secularism within the Congress is well contained and vibrant. ”

Regarding the allegations of Congress resorting to moderate Hindutva, Tharoor said that he understands that this issue is a genuine and concrete concern among many liberal Indians but he insisted that “it is very clear among us in the Congress Party” It is that we cannot allow ourselves to become another form of BJP. “The former Union Minister said,” I have been saying for a long time that the result of any attempt to make BJP light “following Pepsi Light” ‘Congress will be zero’ like Coke zero. ”

He said, “Congress is not like BJP in any form and shape and we should not try to be a weak form of anyone who is not us.” I do not think we are doing this. Tharoor said, “Congress distinguishes between Hinduism and Hinduism. The Hinduism that we respect is inclusive and not critical, whereas Hindutva is a political doctrine based on isolation. ‘

The MP from Thiruvananthapuram said, “So we are not presenting a weak form of BJP’s political message.” Rahul Gandhi has made it very clear that going to the temple is his personal Hindutva, he does not support any soft or hardline form of Hindutva. “Asked if the word ‘secular’ is in danger, he said, ‘ ‘It’s just a word; Even if the government removes this word from the constitution, the constitution will remain secular. ”

He said that freedom of worship, freedom to practice religion, freedom of expression, minority rights, equality for all citizens are all part of the basic fabric of the constitution and the removal of one word does not disappear. To be. He said, “The ruling party can try to do this.” Here, concerted efforts are being made to abolish secularism and to establish communalism in its place, under which there is no place for religious minorities in Indian society. ”

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