Seeing defeat in Bihar, Congress fights EVM, Karti Chidambaram said – Voting machine should not be blamed

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With the counting going forward in Bihar elections, it has been almost decided that NDA government is going to be formed again in Bihar and the fate of the RJD-Congress and the Left parties’ grand alliance has come for another five years. Noise on electronic voting machines (EVMs) is rising once again, following the exit polls and the Grand Alliance that were ahead in the early trends. However, this time the party seems to be divided into two camps regarding EVM. Congress leader Udit Raj has raised questions on EVM while Karthi Chidambaram, son of former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, has openly defended it.

Congress spokesperson Udit Raj on Tuesday questioned the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) after the grand alliance lagged behind trends in the Bihar assembly elections and asked why EVMs cannot be hacked when the satellite can be controlled. Congress MP Karti Chidambaram, on the other hand, said without naming Udit Raj that the process of questioning EVMs should be stopped as claims of tampering with it have not been scientifically proven so far.

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Udit Raj tweeted, “When the direction of the satellite going to Mars and the Moon can be controlled from Earth, then why can’t EVM be hacked? The Congress leader also asked, “If there were elections in the US, could Donald Trump lose?”

According to the trends of counting of votes for the Bihar assembly elections on Tuesday, the NDA is leading in 126 seats out of 243 seats till noon and the BJP in the coalition seems to be doing better than its ally Nitish Kumar led JD (U). is. According to Election Commission of India data, the opposition Grand Alliance is leading in 103 seats.

Congress MP Karti tweeted, “Whatever the outcome, but now EVM should be held responsible. According to my experience, the system of EVMs is strong, reasonable and reliable. This opinion has always been mine. ”He said,“ EVMs are questioned by political parties and this happens especially if the election results are not favorable to them. So far this claim has not been proved scientifically.

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