Screen recorder app was spying, Google removed it from play store, now you also delete it immediately

Screen recorder app was spying, Google removed it from play store, now you also delete it immediately

Every day some new malware or virus breaks into the Android mobile operating system and users are not completely safe from threats like data theft. Now such an Android app has come to the fore, with the help of which many users were being harmed. The disturbing thing is that the app was listed on the Google Play Store and was downloaded more than 50,000 times. Now this app has been removed from the Play Store but users will have to delete it from their phones on their own.

According to a report published by ESET researchers, the app named iRecorder was first uploaded to the Google Play Store in September 2019 and did not have any massage functionality. The app was infected with the open-source AhMyth Android RAT (remote access trojan) about a year later, and as soon as users updated the app, the threat reached their devices. Since August 2022, this app has infected many devices.

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Users data was stolen and uploaded

Security researchers have told that not only the users’ data could have been stolen through the dangerous app, but this personal data and users’ files could have been uploaded and sent to the attackers. Strangely, the app has received positive ratings from users for its screen recording functionality, with 4.2 out of 5 stars. That is, this app was doing the rest of the work in the background along with screen recording.

Attacker had full control of the app

In the initial version of the app, of course there were no massager functions but later it was converted into infected app. The biggest danger was that the attacker could monitor the activity happening in users’ devices in real-time through his command-and-control (CoC) server. The app could upload video, audio, images, web-pages, documents and compressed files.

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Infected app users could do things like recording audio from the phone, recording the screen, capturing images, tracking the location of the device and preparing a list of files present in the phone. Seeing the danger, Google has undoubtedly removed this app from the Play Store, but the users themselves can manually delete the app from the phone. If you have this app installed on your device, delete it immediately.

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