School’s poll was opened, Jharkhand Education Minister assured help to ‘small reporter’

Jharkhand Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto spoke to the student who exposed the primary school beggar on Thursday night. During this, he assured all possible help to the student. After talking to the student for about three minutes, the Education Minister inquired about the education system, the condition of the school and the family.

After the video went viral on social media, Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto spoke to student Sarfaraz on mobile last night. He also assured of all possible help. The education minister told the student who has threatened you. The student accused the school teacher Tamizuddin of threatening, on which the minister asked that he should be suspended, the student said that Sir, whatever you want. The Education Minister also took information from the student about better studies and family.

Sarfaraz wants to become a journalist

The boy journalist said that he wants to become a journalist after studying well. The Education Minister assured that you will be helped. There was a talk between Sarfaraz Khan and Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato for about three minutes. In the end the Education Minister said that this is his mobile number. If there is any problem, then call me, save it in your mobile.

It is known that Sarfaraz, a 12-year-old student of Godda, had exposed the bad system of the school by becoming a journalist. The school premises were cleaned after the student’s video went viral on social media. Also, Godda’s DSE Rajni Devi had recommended the dismissal of two teachers of Bhikhiyachak Primary School.

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