SC reserves decision on hijab ban, PFI conspiracy was mentioned in the controversy

The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on petitions challenging the Karnataka High Court’s decision to ban hijab in educational institutions. The court has conducted marathon hearing in this matter for 10 days and has now reserved the verdict. A bench of Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia has continuously heard this case and during this time has heard the arguments of both the sides. Today once again there was a vigorous debate between the two sides in this matter and the mention of the extremist organization PFI has also come to the fore.

On behalf of the Solicitor General, it was said that there was a conspiracy of PFI in this case. On this, the advocates of the girls Dushyant Dave and Huzefa Ahmadi objected and said that it is wrong to say so. He said that PFI has no meaning in this matter and mentioning it amounted to diversion of the case. He said that no such evidence has been found to show that PFI also has any role in this case. During the hearing, the petitioners had said that it is not the same as triple talaq and cow slaughter. The hijab has also been mentioned in the Quran and it is considered a duty for Muslim women to wear it.

The debate was interesting, the argument given for Naga sadhus to come to the class

Not only this, the lawyers of the girl students had said that it comes under the purview of Fundamental Rights. It doesn’t make any difference to someone else’s freedom. At the same time, lawyers representing the Karnataka government said that this matter should not be looked at from the angle of religion. He said that this is a matter of general discipline in educational institutions. Whether hijab is compulsory in any religion or not has nothing to do with the dress code of the school. In the hearing that lasted for 10 days, many interesting arguments were heard from the lawyers. Like the Karnataka government’s lawyer had said that if dress is allowed on the basis of religion, then tomorrow any Naga sadhu can take admission and will come to the class naked, referring to his tradition.

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