SBI alerts to customers, these 9 things to keep in mind while using ATM

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Due to our increasing dependence on digital banking and ATM, the risk of fraud has also increased. All the banks have been taking many necessary steps in view of the security of the customers. However, a large number of customers become victims of fraud when using ATMs. In such a situation, the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) has shared 9 important tips for its customers, which you must keep in mind while using ATM.

1. When using an ATM card on an ATM or POS machine, hide the keypad with your hands. No one will be able to see your PIN easily.

2. Never share your PIN or card details with anyone. Always keep this information to yourself.

3. Never write a PIN on your card. If your card is lost by mistake, anyone can withdraw money using it.

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4. If asked for card details or PIN on any email, message or call, do not give. Nowadays, fraudsters try to ask for information from you using new methods. Keep in mind that the bank will never ask you these details.

5. Never use your birthday, phone or account number for a PIN. Actually it will be very easy to guess your PIN. The PIN should always be such that even those close to you cannot guess it.

6. Either keep the transaction receipt with you or tear it and put it in the dustbin. Many of your information is written in this receipt.

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7. Before starting a transaction in an ATM, make sure that CCTV cameras are installed in it or not.

8. Check the keypad and card slot carefully before using an ATM. Many times, fraudsters stick a device on it, in which your information is stored.

9. Make sure that you have started a mobile alert for the transaction. Even if a situation arises, when your information has been withdrawn from your account without money, then you will get the information immediately.