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Weekly Numerology Horoscope Like astrology, numerology also tells about the future, nature and personality of the person. Just as there is a zodiac according to every name, in the same way, according to every number, there are numbers in numerology. According to numerology, to calculate your number, you add your date of birth, month and year up to the unit digit and then the number that will come will be your Bhagyank. For example, people born on the 2nd, 11th and 20th of the month will have a radix number 2. Let us know how the coming week will be-

Radix 1- Hard work will be completed but the fruits will not be received accordingly. There is a need to have peace and patience this week. However, any old stalled work will be completed. There will be profit in business. Think of earning money later. Do not do any work in haste without examining the good and bad aspects of any work. You can deal in real estate, you can get profit in buying and selling.

Radix 2- Do not take any decision in haste this week, there may be loss. Might have to go out somewhere. You will meet new people in business. You can get some good news. There may be an opportunity to go to a place of pilgrimage with family. If you are a student then there is a possibility of success in competitive examinations. Respect will increase in the office, the officers will be happy.

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Radix 3- There is a special need for caution this week, negative thoughts can disturb you. There may be a decrease in accumulated wealth and there may also be a problem of money. Pay attention, do not get involved in useless things at all. You can get some good news. You can go out for a walk with family. Respect will increase in the office, the officers will be happy.

Radix 4- This week, there will be money gains from land and property works. New plans will be made but will not be completed. However, this week is good for you. Relations with officials will be better. This week is good for business but there is a need to be careful in transactions. You may meet an old friend.

Radix 5- Do not trap money this week, only then you will be in profit, there is a dire need to be careful. Be careful before starting any new job. Problems may come up. Change of workspace is possible. If you are a student then you can get great success in sports. Your financial condition may be strong, affection with family may increase.

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Radix 6- This week you can get rid of any worries, there may be changes in your financial situation. You may have to go on a journey, there will be a decrease in the accumulated wealth. Relations with officials will be fine. Your financial condition will be fine, but do any work very carefully. You can deal in real estate, you can get profit in buying and selling.

Radix 7- Luck will be with you this week, you will get the money back, this week will be auspicious for you. Illness etc. will be detected but will get rid of it soon. A new plan will be made, which will be beneficial in future. Even though you have your own vehicle, you may have to use someone else’s vehicle. Most importantly, you may face health problems, which can make you lethargic.

Radix 8- There will be profit from property business etc. This week is the week of success, there are chances of getting the work done. You will benefit from partner. Daily chores will be beneficial. The turmoil in the mind will continue. You will get a chance to solve family problems. Respect will increase in the office, the officers will be happy. You are expected to make financial gains. You may get some good news.

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Radix 9- Decisions taken for you this week will give big benefits, old stalled work will be completed. Money can be beneficial, people’s loans will also be repaid. Officers will be formed in the office, there will be a pleasant atmosphere. A case can be imposed on you, move carefully. There will be a lot of work in the office.

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