Sanjay Raut’s ‘Diary’ will reveal the secret! ED’s claim – to whom the money was given in the codeword

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s troubles are increasing day by day. On Thursday, the remand of Sanjay Raut has been received with the ED till August 8. Along with this, the ED has also issued summons to his wife Varsha Raut for questioning. Now the ED has got a big clue in the Patra Chawl land scam money laundering case. During the search, the ED has found a diary from the house of Sanjay Raut. The ED claims that this diary can prove to be an important link in the money laundering case. It has been learned that the codeword in this diary contains the names of the people to whom the money was given.

In fact, on Sunday, ED officials arrested Sanjay Raut in the Patra Chawl land scam money laundering case. Earlier, a thorough search was conducted at his house. Raut was also interrogated for about 6 hours. Accounts documents worth Rs 1 crore 17 lakh were seized from Sanjay Raut’s house. The ED has also seized a diary. According to the report of Maharashtra Times, it is being said that some important information has been found in the codeword in the seized diary. The ED claims that the codeword mentions to whom the money was paid.

name of people in codeword in diary

The ED has claimed to have found evidence against Sanjay Raut from his own house. The ED has got a diary in this regard. ED has seized this diary from Sanjay Raut’s room. It has the names of some people in the codeword. Who were given 1 crore 17 lakh cash. Why was this money given, who are these people? What do these names mean with these codes? When the ED inquired about this, there was no reply from Sanjay Raut and his close associates.

Remand extended by citing diary

ED officials, during the production of Sanjay Raut in the court on Thursday, demanded that Raut’s custody be increased. Based on the evidence, the ED referred to the diary. In this case, now the diary found at Raut’s house is considered to be a very important link. ED suspects that money received from Patra Chawl scam was used to make payments here. The ED has claimed that the names of people in the diary have been written under code so that no one can know. ED is now trying to reach them.

What is Patra Chawl scam

In this case, the ED had registered a case under PMLA. It is alleged that the builder has cheated 1034 crores. Patra’s redevelopment project began in 2008. Residents signed an agreement with MHADA and builders for the redevelopment of 672 houses in Mumbai’s Goregaon. The agreement was signed between MHADA, Guru Ashish Construction Company and the residents. It was decided that out of the total 13 acres of land, four and a half acres would be sold to the original residents and the rest would be constructed by MHADA and the builder. However, it is alleged that Guru Ashish the builder and the officials sold the site to a private builder. In all these cases Praveen Raut, former director of Guru Ashish Company, was arrested by the ED. Praveen Raut is considered close to Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut.

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