Salman’s ego is bigger than Ravana, my goal is to kill; Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s new interview from jail

Salman’s ego is bigger than Ravana, my goal is to kill;  Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s new interview from jail

Lawrence Bishnoi Interview: The interview of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, lodged in Punjab jail, has come to the fore once again on Friday. This time his look seems to have changed as compared to the previous interview. Earlier, where his mustache and hair were looking big, now they have become very small. He has once again threatened Bollywood actor Salman Khan from jail. Bishnoi has said that Salman Khan’s ego is bigger than Ravana.

In another interview given to ABP News, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi said, “If Salman Khan demands, then the matter will end.” For the last four-five years, I want to kill Salman. The ego of Salman Khan is bigger than Ravana. Sidhu Musewala was also similarly arrogant.

Bishnoi further said, “Salman Khan will have to apologise. He should go to our temple in Bikaner and apologise. The aim of my life is to kill Salman Khan. If his security is removed, I will kill Salman Khan.” It is noteworthy that gangster Bishnoi is lodged in Bathinda Jail in Punjab. After the last interview, Punjab jail officials claimed that the interview was old and not recorded in any jail in the state. Police officials had told that the look of the gangster has also changed. Lawrence’s new look has been revealed in the interview aired on Friday.

Let us tell you that in the year 1998, Salman Khan had hunted blackbuck near the shooting location of his film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. He was sentenced to five years in jail by a Jodhpur court in a case filed by the Bishnoi community. Although he got bail.

how to get phone in jail, lawrence told

Gangster Lawrence has given both the interviews from jail itself. In such a situation, questions are being raised as to how the mobile phone reaches the gangster in the jail. Lawrence answered this question as well. On talking on the phone, he said that mobile phones are thrown inside the prison wall. It is night time, due to which no policeman is around. He said that he wants to come out of jail.

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