Salary of professors withheld in Delhi government college, crisis due to lack of funds

Like Punjab, the salary crisis is deepening in Delhi too. Delhi University’s Deen Dayal Upadhyay College, funded by the Delhi government, has decided to withhold part of the teachers’ salaries. The college has informed the employees earlier this week while paying salaries for the month of July.

In a notice issued on Tuesday, Acting Principal Hem Chand Jain said, “It is hereby informed to all the permanent teaching staff of the college that due to paucity of funds, Rs 30,000 from the salary of Assistant Professors and Rs 50,000 from the salary of Associate Professors. are being stopped. It will be released as soon as the funds come in.”

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that a Delhi government-funded college has faced challenges in paying salaries to its employees. Over the years, Delhi government-funded colleges have repeatedly expressed their inability to pay teachers’ salaries due to paucity of funds. However, the college president insisted that the Delhi government’s higher education department had released the fund.

At the same time, the chairman of the governing board, Sunil Kumar, sent an email to Jain asking why the college has withheld a part of the salary. He wrote, “Why have the college employees not been paid their salaries in full for the month of July even after the higher education department released the required amount under the head of salary. Please clarify with whose permission you deduct this amount.”

shortage in punjab

Let us tell you that 7 days have passed in the month of September and till now the Bhagwant Mann Government of Punjab has not been able to pay the salaries of the employees for the month of August. Due to this, discussion has started in Punjab that the state government is facing the problem of lack of funds. Generally, the salary of the previous month is paid to the government employees only on the same date. According to the report of the Indian Express, officials with knowledge of the whole matter say that this crisis has increased after the end of the GST compensation system. The state government had received Rs 16,000 crore under GST compensation. This year the Punjab government got the GST for the first quarter of the current financial year only. After this, this system ended from June 30.

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