Sachin Pilot cares for the dog, why this picture is being discussed a lot

Amidst the ‘Sachin Pilot vs Ashok Gehlot’ contest in Rajasthan, people interested in politics are taking everything into notice. Every word and every action that came out of the mouth of both the leaders is being discussed. The political meaning of the smallest thing is being explored and chatter is being taken. Meanwhile, a picture of Sachin Pilot is becoming fiercely viral, in which he is seen caressing a dog. The dog is also meeting them with great ease.

It is being told that this picture is from the residence of Minister Pratap Khachariawas, a supporter of Gehlot, when Pilot had recently reached the minister’s house for a meeting. The meeting of Pilot and Khachariyawas created a stir in the politics of Rajasthan. It was seen as a changed political equation in the state. Now the picture of the pilot petting the dog of Khachariyawas is also being discussed a lot. While sharing on social media, users are commenting on this in many ways.

Some users wrote that the pilot used to visit Khachariawas’s residence earlier and the dog has not forgotten him till now. At the same time, some people are referring to the loyalty of dogs. A user named Hemant Poswal wrote, “There are more loyal animals than humans.” Another user wrote, “This picture shows how close the minister Pratap Khachariyawas and former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot ji must have been. Pointing to Khachariyawas now going to the Gehlot camp, a person wrote, “The owner forgot, the dog did not forget.”

This meeting of Khachariyawas and Pilot also caught the attention of the people because in the current discord, he was among those vocal ministers of Gehlot camp who openly opposed Pilot. He announced in front of the media just before the legislature party meeting that 92 MLAs were going to resign. He continued to insist that the high command should choose a CM from among the 102 MLAs who stayed with Gehlot during the rebellion in 2020. He continued to openly oppose Sachin Pilot, but amidst the changed stand of the high command on Gehlot, the tone of Khachariyawas is also being felt soft.

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