Russo-Ukraine War: Russian President Vladimir Putin may address the public on the occasion of Victory Day, may be a big announcement


It has been more than two and a half months now that Russia waged war against Ukraine. However, despite this, the Russian army has not had much success in Ukraine. On the contrary, he has had to confine his ongoing operations in Kyiv to the Donbass region. Meanwhile, Victory Day will be celebrated in Russia on Monday. On this day Russia declared victory in World War II. Russian President Vladimir Putin can address the Russian public on this day.


In Russia, city streets are lined with red Soviet flags and orange-black striped military ribbons for Victory Day. Groups of veterans lay wreaths at the monuments associated with the ‘Great Patriotic War’. World War II in Russia is known as the ‘Great Patriotic War’.

Why is this day important for Russia?

Preparations for Victory Day, the Monday celebrations to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, appear at first glance to be the same as in previous years. But this year the atmosphere is very different, as Russian soldiers are once again waging war and sacrificing their lives.

The ongoing war in neighboring Ukraine has entered its 11th week. The Russian government called it a war against the Nazis. This pride and patriotism associated with Russia’s most important holiday is usually celebrated with a large parade of soldiers and military equipment passing through Red Square. Some Russians fear President Vladimir Putin will use the opportunity to declare war on Ukraine, which he has previously called a special military operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s intelligence chief Kyrillo Budanov said Moscow was secretly preparing such a plan. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told LBC radio that Putin is “preparing a ground where he can say, ‘Look, this is a war on the Nazis and I need more people in this’.” Denying any such plan, he has called these reports false and absurd.