Russian President Putin living in great fear, distance from internet and mobile; use secret train

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Russia has been at war with Ukraine for more than a year now. Due to this, Russian President Vladimir Putin has started getting confused in the eyes of the western countries. Many countries, including the US, have imposed strict sanctions on Russia, but even then they are not ready to back down. From time to time, Putin has also threatened nuclear attack. Meanwhile, Gleb Karokulov, former captain of Russia’s Federal Protection Service (FSO), has made important revelations about Putin. It has been told that Putin lives in a lot of fear. They have implemented various measures to protect themselves.

According to the report of the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, Karakulov has told about the secret train network, special offices made in different cities, etc. Gleb Karakulov served as a captain and engineer in a field unit in President Putin’s communications department, the FSO, one of the most secretive branches of Russia’s security services. In an interview, he said that the Russian President prefers to avoid traveling by plane and travels in a secret train that looks like a regular train. Karakulov has called Putin a war criminal. He said, “I consider this man a war criminal. The time has come to end this war.” Karakulov shared all these things in the hope that Russians may also speak like this.

‘Don’t use mobile and internet’

Karakulov claimed that Putin lives in himself, shielding himself from the world. Their perception of reality has become distorted. Not only this, Putin does not even use his own mobile phone nor does he take the help of internet services. He only depends on people close to him to get information. The Russian President is very scared about his safety and is using such a train, which cannot be easily tracked. Karakulov said, “Putin is still defending against Kovid and quarantining people who work with him. He said the 70-year-old was in better health than most people his age.

‘Firefighters-bring food testers together’

Karakulov made the revelations in an interview with the Dossier Center, a political information organization founded by exiled Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky. According to Karakulov, Putin’s safety net creates a virtual situation within the country. This includes firefighters, food testers and engineers who travel with the Russian President on foreign tours. He said that he calls Putin the Boss and worships him in every way. Karakulov further noted that since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Putin’s behavior and lifestyle have changed significantly. Putin then stopped almost all travel and public appearances.

Putin has identical offices in many places

The Russian President has identical offices in St. Petersburg, Sochi, and Novo-Ogaryovo. Putin’s secret services use fake motorcycles and planes to hide their activities from foreign intelligence and to prevent any assassination attempts. Karakulov also described setting up secret communications for Putin in planes, helicopters, yachts and even a bomb shelter at the Russian embassy in Kazakhstan during an October 2022 visit. He said he was opposed to the Russian war on Ukraine. Before eloping together as a family, he had to wait for his wife to persuade him. According to him, he broke off contact with his parents, who were in favor of the war.

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