Russian citizens do not want to go to fight in Ukraine war, are looking for excuses on Google

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced military mobilization and martial law in the country. This decision is being opposed in many places in Russia. In this episode, the citizens of Russia are now searching on Google for answers to such questions as ‘how to leave the country’ and ‘how to break a hand at home’. Because these citizens of Ukraine do not want to go to war.

The Russian President’s address has caused uneasiness among citizens. As soon as the reservists were called on duty, their worried relatives started searching Google for ways to escape the country so that their loved ones would not be called into the army again. This shows that the citizens of Russia are not ready to put themselves in harm’s way by engaging in the Ukraine war. After this announcement by Putin, there has been a tremendous increase in booking of flights out of Russia.

Announcement of partial deployment of soldiers

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial deployment of troops to his country after setbacks in a nearly seven-month war with Ukraine, saying the measure was necessary as Russia is fighting an entire Western military machine. Officials said that a partial deployment of 3,00,000 reservists (reserved soldiers) has been planned.

Who is the Reservist?

Reservist is a person who is a member of ‘Military Reserve Force’. It is a civilian who is given military training and can be posted anywhere if needed. It does not provide services during peace time. Putin said the expanded border line, continued shelling by Ukrainian forces along the Russian border and attacks on liberated areas required the withdrawal of troops from the reserve.

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