‘Russian army leaving traces of death’, new graves of more than 440 bodies found again in Ukraine

Ukraine has found a new grave of more than 440 bodies from where the Russian army has been driven out in the middle of the war. The bodies were buried in a mass grave in a forest outside the eastern Ukrainian city of Izium. Kharkiv area chief police investigator Sergei Bolvinov said each body would be forensically examined. Preliminary investigation revealed that some of them were killed in shelling and air strikes. He said it was one of the largest burial sites ever found.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised address on Thursday night: “A mass grave has been found in Iziam, Kharkiv region. Necessary processes have already started. Clear information regarding this should be given tomorrow. Zelensky also referred to the names of other Ukrainian cities, which officials say are being left behind by retreating Russian forces leaving mass graves and evidence of war crimes.

‘Russia will have to be blamed for the war’

“Bucha, Mariupol and now unfortunately Egypt… the Russian military is leaving behind marks of death everywhere and it has to be held accountable,” the president said. The world has to put the real responsibility of this war on Russia. The Russian army withdrew from several parts of the Kharkiv region, including Izium, last week amid an aggressive response from Ukraine. Zelensky visited the city of Izium on Wednesday.

‘Evidence found to build torture chamber’

Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Enin said on Thursday night that there was evidence of Russian troops building “torture chambers” in several cities they hold, where Ukrainian citizens and foreigners were kept in “absolutely inhumane conditions”. Enin claimed that students from an Asian country were also held hostage in one of these hideouts. It is not yet known which Asian country they belong to. He was caught at Russian check posts trying to escape from Ukraine.

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