Russia will intensify its attack on Ukraine! Putin said – no one should take our warning lightly; preparation of referendum

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again come on the offensive. He has ordered the mobilization of the army in Russia. Along with this, he has warned the western countries not to take our point lightly. Putin said that we are ready to do anything to protect Russia. Putin has currently ordered the movement of 300,000 additional troops. Vladimir Putin said this in a televised speech on Wednesday. Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Russia is preparing a referendum in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. This preparation of Russia was opposed by Western countries and said that doing so would increase tension.

In fact, Russia has planned to merge 4 regions and under it, a plan of referendum has been made. Referendum is to start in 4 provinces including Luhansk, Kherson and Donetsk from Friday. It is being said that this referendum is being done at the behest of Russia and after that Russia can move towards capturing these provinces. Meanwhile, Putin accused Western countries of doing nuclear blackmail. He said that the manner in which the leaders of NATO countries have given nuclear blackmailing statements shows that they can also use nuclear weapons against Russia.

Vladimir Putin warned Western countries, saying, ‘Those who are promoting such statements against Russia, they should remember that Russia also has everything necessary to deal with NATO countries. Whenever there is any threat to the unity and integrity of our country, then we will use our full power. Putin said that no one should take this warning lightly. Meanwhile, since Wednesday, Putin has ordered military mobilization. Under this, those citizens who have had any military training will be prepared.

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