Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine lost as much as it earned in 4 years in 70 days of war

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine completed 70 days on Wednesday. According to the report of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the damage to Ukraine’s economy due to the war is estimated to be between 564 to 600 billion dollars. This amount is four times more than the annual GDP of Ukraine. That is, Ukraine has lost as much as it would have earned in four years in a 70-day war.

92 billion dollars worth of assets

About $92 billion in assets of Ukraine have been destroyed in the 70-day war. KSE has made this assessment in its report. According to the report, a total of $ 4.5 billion has been damaged by the war in Ukraine in the last one week. Not only this, 90 thousand cars have been destroyed in Russian bombing, which is estimated to be worth about $ 1.3 billion.
Such damage to Ukraine in Russian attack

Residential complex destroyed by missile attacks

According to the report, residential areas spread over 33,000 square kilometers in Ukraine have been destroyed in Russian bombing and missile attacks. Not only this, 23 thousand kilometer long road has been completely ruined. The total damage to homes and roads was $59,426 million.

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More than 55 lakh people became homeless

According to a United Nations report, 55,97,483 people have fled Ukraine since the start of the war. These homeless people are taking refuge in other countries. According to the report, 13 million people are still trapped in war zones in war-torn Ukraine.