Russia Ukraine Crisis : Russia’s missile attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Mykoliv, the Russian tugboat carrying weapons also destroyed


On the 114th day of the Russo-Ukraine War, Russian forces launched missile attacks on the city of Mykoliv in southern Ukraine. Two people were killed and 20 people including a child were injured. On the other hand, Ukraine claimed it attacked a Russian Navy tugboat carrying troops and ammunition to Russian-occupied Snake Island, south of the Odessa region.

The governor of the Mykoliv region, Vitaly Kim, said Russia fired missiles at the city in southern Ukraine early Friday. Four residential buildings and one infrastructure were completely destroyed in the attack. The governor of Luhansk said the evacuation of 568 civilians who took refuge in the bunkers of the Azot chemical plant in the city of Severodonesk has been made impossible due to ongoing Russian shelling and heavy fighting here.

On the other hand, a tugboat (a boat that carries several ships) carrying weapons in the Donbas region of Ukraine, including soldiers, has been attacked in Snake Island. This attack has caused great damage to Russia in the Black Sea.

European Commission supports Ukraine for EU membership

The European Commission on Friday recommended that Ukraine be granted the status of a European Union (EU) candidate. Following this announcement by President Ursula von der Leyen, the commission proposed that Ukraine gain EU membership. After a long struggle for Ukraine, the first step in the path of membership has been taken. Now this recommendation will be discussed by the bloc leaders of 27 countries during the summit in Brussels. It will get membership after the unanimous approval of the member countries.

Violation of international law in Mariupol

UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet has said the death and destruction in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol shows a gross violation of international law. Describing it as the deadliest place in Ukraine, he expressed concern over the situation here. The city is currently occupied by the Russian army and has made its way to Crimea.

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