Russia Ukraine Crisis: European Union gave candidate status to Ukraine, Russia occupied two villages


The European Union (EU) on Thursday officially granted Ukraine candidate status for membership. Earlier, EU leaders had agreed to give Ukraine candidate status for inclusion in their organisation. On the other hand, on the 120th day of the Russo-Ukraine War, Russian forces have captured two villages in eastern Ukraine. Now Russia wants to encircle some Ukrainian frontline soldiers by occupying a major highway, cutting off logistics.

This marks the first step in a long and unpredictable journey to full membership of the European Union. The British Defense Ministry said Ukrainian troops had been withdrawn from some areas near the city of Lisichansk to avoid the possibility of a siege. Here Russian soldiers are shelling heavily.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army chief said that Russian troops had captured the villages of Loskutievka and Rai-Olexandryevka. They are now trying to capture Sarotyn outside Severodonesk. On the other hand, there are indications from Brussels that Ukraine is now certain to become a contender for EU membership.

There will be unanimous approval in favor of Ukraine

Ahead of the summit in Brussels, several EU diplomats said on condition of anonymity that Ukraine’s side would have the unanimous approval needed to start discussions. The 27 EU nations are united in supporting Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression, accepting unprecedented economic sanctions against Moscow.

Germany facing gas supply ‘crisis’

Germany has announced that it has entered the second phase of a three-stage emergency plan for natural gas supplies and warned that dwindling supplies from Russia could threaten storage targets for the winter. The government said it had to issue an “alarming” level of warning since June 14 due to supply cuts by Russia and a jump in gas prices in the market. The third and final stage will be called the ’emergency’ level. Economic Affairs Minister Robert Hebek described the situation as serious.

Indians expressed solidarity with Ukrainians

A group of American citizens of Indian origin has expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The organization ‘American Hindu Coalition’ in collaboration with the Indo-US Security Council organized an Indian-American civilian program against the Ukraine genocide in the Parliament House building. In this, an appeal was made to Russia to immediately stop the action being taken against the common people in Ukraine. MP Raja Krishnamurthy emphasized on Indo-US relations.


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