Russia is falling short of fighters in the war against Ukraine? Putin’s new plan to give citizens to foreigners

Russia has taken a big decision on Saturday amid the war against Ukraine. Russia has said that it will give citizenship of its country to foreign nationals who join the war against Ukraine. Simultaneously, Russia has further tightened the punishment for soldiers who voluntarily surrendered in the middle of the war and those who refused to fight. This decision of Russia is also raising the question whether there is a shortage of soldiers with the Russian army.

To further intensify the fight against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced military mobilization and martial law in the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial deployment of troops to his country after setbacks in a nearly seven-month war with Ukraine, saying the measure was necessary as Russia is fighting an entire Western military machine. Officials said that a partial deployment of 3,00,000 reservists (reserved soldiers) has been planned.

Who is the Reservist?

Reservist is a person who is a member of ‘Military Reserve Force’. It is a civilian who is given military training and can be posted anywhere if needed. It does not provide services during peace time. Putin said the expanded border line, continued shelling by Ukrainian forces along the Russian border and attacks on liberated areas required the withdrawal of troops from the reserve.

Intensified attacks against Ukraine

Russian forces launched fresh attacks on Ukrainian cities on Saturday, amid a Moscow-sponsored referendum on Russian-held areas in Ukraine. Zaporizhia Governor Oleksandr Starukh said Russia targeted the city of Dniper River and a missile hit an apartment building, killing one person and wounding seven others. Russian forces also targeted other areas of Ukraine and attacked residential buildings.

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