Ruckus in Karnataka Congress, Siddaramaiah’s ticket may be cut from Kolar

The party may give a jolt to Congress veteran Siddaramaiah. There is speculation that the party is in no mood to give him ticket from Kolar seat. However, a decision has not been taken regarding Kolar in the second list of 42 names released on Thursday. The special thing is that Siddaramaiah has been expressing his desire to contest from Kolar seat for a long time. The party has asked him to contest from Varuna seat.

In a media report, Congress sources have been quoted as saying that the Congress does not want to field Siddaramaiah from two seats. The reason behind this is being told that the Congress wants to show that every seat is important and every worker is equal. During a recent interview, he had claimed that he was ready to contest from the Kolar seat.

Along with this, it is also being said that his supporters have conducted a survey of the area and have found that Siddaramaiah’s victory on the seat is certain. Apart from this, there are reports of a tussle between him and state president DK Shivakumar over the claim of the chief ministerial face in the state.

During an interview, he had said, ‘Congress party leaders and workers from Kolar district, Chikballapur and Bengaluru Rural have requested me to contest from Kolar seat. They think that if I fight from Kolar, it will help more than 20 areas around Kolar. In such a situation, I am mentally prepared to fight from Kolar.

“But the final decision has to be taken by the high command whether I should contest from one seat or two,” he had said. I have told the people of Kolar that if the high command agrees, I will fight in Kolar as well, as they have already approved Varuna.’

When asked what would be the alternative in case Kolar was not dropped, he said, “There is no question of an alternative.” The high command has to be obeyed in the end. If the high command agrees, I will fight from here.’

Quoting sources in the report, it has also been told that another leader Dr G Parameshwara had also expressed his desire to contest from two seats. After this, the high command has decided not to field Siddaramaiah from any other seat. Parameswara is said to have questioned why Siddaramaiah was being allowed to contest from two seats.

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