Ruckus in Jharkhand assembly over liquor policy, BJP surrounds Soren government; did walkout

Ruckus in Jharkhand assembly over liquor policy, BJP surrounds Soren government;  did walkout

In the budget session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, there was a lot of uproar between the ruling party and the opposition on the liquor policy on Friday. BJP MLA Biranchi Narayan fiercely targeted the departmental minister and officials regarding the product policy of the state through a short notice question.

Biranchi said that there has been a scam in Jharkhand’s liquor policy like Delhi. Who is King Ping of liquor scam in Jharkhand. A CBI inquiry should be conducted into this. In response, Minister Mithilesh Thakur said that the allegations are baseless and misleading. On presenting the facts, action will also be taken against the culprits after getting the matter investigated. During the Question Hour, BJP MLA Biranchi Narayan raised the issue of loss of revenue due to the new excise policy. He said that till February 15, 2023, 1607 crores have been received from the sale of liquor in the state. In the financial year 2022-23, the target of revenue from the sale of liquor was fixed at Rs 2500 crore. 690 crore revenue has been lost till March 14, 2023.

New product policy was being brought in the state on the basis of Chhattisgarh model. Registering his objections on eight points, the Governor had returned the bill to take opinion from the Board of Revenue. Despite this, the rules were implemented.

On the other hand, BJP MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi terming the matter as serious, asked Speaker Rabindranath Mahato to form a special committee of the Vidhan Sabha and demanded an inquiry and said that if the scam would have taken place, the departmental ministers and secretaries would go to jail. On this, the speaker said that one member is demanding a CBI inquiry and the other is demanding the formation of a committee. First the minister should get the inquiry done at his level.

After removing the objections, it was implemented with the approval of the cabinet: Minister

In-charge minister Mithlesh Thakur said in reply that the government removed all the objections of the rules and implemented them after the approval of the cabinet. The process to remove the governor’s objection is also going on. The policy has been made with complete transparency. This year, against the revenue target of 2500 crores, a revenue of 1900 crores has been achieved. He assured the House that the remaining target would also be met. He said that in 2019-20 the department had achieved a record target of 2009 crores. This time also record revenue will be achieved till now.

There is no irregularity in the policy. The government is not bound to answer things that are out of the question. Meanwhile, former Minister Saryu Rai raised a supplementary question related to reducing the target of product sales from Rs 2500 crore to Rs 2000 crore. The minister said that he was not aware of reducing the target. If the target is not achieved, the target will be achieved by charging penalty from the agency.

Angry Shashibhushan Mehta left the house

During the discussion on the demand for grants of the Education Department in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, the Speaker asked BJP MLA Shashibhushan Mehta to present his statement. Mehta rose to speak, but he kept his words very angry and left the house. He said that he had heard and read that big fish eats small fish, but did not think that this would happen to me. Shashibhushan said that BJP had got 26 minutes to speak. One sister took 23 minutes. Mehta said that he was preparing for the education department for one year, now what should I say in 3 minutes. Saying this, he tore the copy of the speech prepared by him in the house. BJP chief whip Biranchi Narayan tried to persuade him, but he did not agree. Angry BJP MLAs walked out of the house.

Speaker Rabindranath Mahato said after the MLA left the House that if the MLA had started speaking, he would have been given more time.

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