Ruckus: Conflict over construction work of Chinese company in Bangladesh, nine people including three Chinese nationals injured


Locals in Bangladesh’s Pirojpur district protest against construction being carried out by a Chinese company. During this, the dispute took the form of conflict. Nine people, including three Chinese nationals, were injured in the clash.


The incident took place at the construction site of a pond at Mathbaria in Pirojpur district. According to sources, the incident took place in Badura village when the locals protested the construction being carried out by the Chinese company. Manager Majimao (31), supervisor Chang Du (28) and supervisor Lei Bo (38) were among the three Chinese civilians injured in the clash. The injured locals included Muhammad Zillur Rahman, Muhammad Ilyas, Nizam Sikdar, Manik, Bahadur Ukil and Zakaria Khan.

Bhandaria’s Sub-District Health and Family Planning Officer Kamal Hussain Mufti said that three Chinese nationals and 6 local people are being treated in Bhandaria Hospital in critical condition. Two Chinese nationals suffered minor injuries to their arms and legs. One suffered minor head injuries. Police said that the local people had gone to cut the soil with a machine to build the embankment. At that time, the local people clashed with the workers of the Chinese company.

Pirojpur SP Mohammad Saidur Rahman said that the incident took place due to misunderstanding between the land owner and the Chinese companies regarding the ownership of the land and mining of the pond. Legal action is being taken in this matter.