Rs 40 profit even before IPO opens, price band is Rs 80-82

Rs 40 profit even before IPO opens, price band is Rs 80-82

Another company’s IPO is coming. This company is Infolion Research Services Limited. The company’s IPO is opening on 29 May 2023 and will remain open till 31 May. Infollion Research Services is raising Rs 21.45 crore through the IPO. The price band of the company’s IPO is Rs 80-82.

Gray market premium of shares reached Rs 40

Infolion Research Services shares have received tremendous response in the gray market. The company’s IPO is not even open for subscription yet and the gray market premium of the company’s shares has reached Rs 40. In the IPO, if the shares of Infolion Research Services are allotted at the upper price band of Rs 82 and the gray market premium of Rs 40 remains, then the shares of the company can be listed at Rs 122. That is, investors can make a profit of 49% on the day of listing itself.

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One lot of 1600 shares in IPO

The allotment of shares in the IPO may be finalized on June 5, 2023. At the same time, the company’s shares can be listed on the exchange on June 8, 2023. Retail investors can apply for 1 lot in the IPO. There are 1600 shares in one lot. That is, investors will have to invest at least Rs 131,200. High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) can apply for 2 lots ie 3200 shares. That is, the HNI will have to invest Rs 262,400.

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