Rotomac loan scam: Only one employee was running 26 thousand crore companies

Seeing the loan scam of the Rotomac group, the CBI, which is investigating the big scams, has been surprised. The investigation revealed that Rotomac had done business of Rs 26,143 crore with only four companies. The address of these companies is also the same, which is a hall of 1500 square feet. Surprisingly, the employees in all these four companies are also the same. He is also the CEO of the company.

Banks also gave a loan of Rs 2100 crore to Rotomac on the basis of billions of business being done with these ‘air’ companies. On Tuesday, on the complaint of Punjab National Bank, CBI registered a fresh case of fraud of Rs 93 crore against Rotomac Global director Rahul Kothari, Sadhna Kothari and unknown officials. Secrets are being revealed in the investigation.

Was selling goods from Bunge Group

According to the CBI, the four companies doing business with the Rotomac group are owned by Premal Praful Kamdar, brother of Rotomac CEO Rajiv Kamdar. Rotomac exported products in paper to these four companies. All these companies were selling goods from Bunge Group to Rotomac. That is, the company that made the goods was buying its goods.

How did one employee handle such a big business?

The CBI investigation revealed that in the four companies showing a turnover of 26 thousand crores, there was only one employee – whose name was Premal Prafulla Kamdar. He was doing all the work from port to loading-unloading, billing, accounting, delivery, sitting in a room of 1500 square feet. The CBI has also wondered how the banks gave a loan limit of Rs 2100 crore on the basis of business with such an air company. This is the reason why bank officials have also been kept under suspicion.

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