RJD issued a warning to its workers, saying- at no cost is this acceptable

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Bihar Assembly Election 2020 has been completed in three phases. Now the eyes of the entire country along with the state have been fixed on the election results coming on 10 November. While some exit polls are seen forming the government of the Grand Alliance, some NDA are announcing the withdrawal of the government. Based on the exit poll, the party and leaders have also started making claims of winning or forming the government. Amidst all this, today the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has issued a strict warning to the workers.

RJD has tweeted that on November 10, whatever the election results are, it has to be accepted with complete restraint, simplicity and courtesy. Along with this, he warned that – improper fireworks, joyous firing, rude behavior with rivals or their supporters etc. will not be accepted at any cost. It is not acceptable at any cost.

Along with this, RJD wrote to his workers reminding them that all RJD workers should remember – Election results should come on November 10, only in the periphery or center of your politics, goal or path is only public, public convenience and public uplift And will live.

In fact, exit polls of various news channels released on Saturday counted the RJD-led government and Tejashwi becoming the Chief Minister. According to Bihar Exit Poll 2020, Times Now-CVoter has shown JDU + 116 out of total 243 seats in Bihar Legislative Assembly, 120 seats in RJD + 120 seats, LJP 01 seats and others. NewsX-DVResearch has shown 110-117 seats to JDU + 108-123 seats to RJD +, 04-10 seats to LJP and 08-23 seats to others. News 18-Today’s Chanakya has given the possibility of getting 55 seats to JDU + 180 seats to RJD + and 08 seats to others. India Today-Axis My India has projected 69-91 seats for JDU +, 139-161 for RJD +, 03-05 for LJP and 06-10 seats for others.

After this exit poll, there has been a lot of enthusiasm among the grand alliance supporters, especially the RJD supporters. All are already preparing to celebrate Diwali on the day of election results. After this, RJD has issued this strict decree to its supporters.

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