Rishi Sunak: British minister made a big statement on financial services in India, also mentioned this plan


A British minister of Indian origin has made a big statement regarding financial and insurance services in India. He has also assured to help in completing a scheme of Modi government. British Chancellor (Minister) Rishi Sunak has said that there is immense potential for financial services in the talks of a free trade agreement between India and Britain.

During the India Global Forum’s UK-India Awards in the UK-India corridor on Friday, the British cabinet minister of Indian origin said he sees huge opportunity for both countries in areas such as fintech. He has also welcomed the decision to open up the Indian insurance market.

The British minister has also expressed confidence in the deadline for preparing the draft free trade agreement by Diwali. In a conversation with the news agency PTI, the British minister is making satisfactory progress in this direction. He has said that the financial services sector is going to be very exciting for him.

During this, he has said that there is immense potential for both the countries in the field of financial services. He has said that India aims to bring its entire economy under the ambit of insurance so as to ensure the safety of the people and development of the country.

We from the UK can help India a lot in this matter, because we have a very good insurance industry here. Gradually, we will be able to provide our best products, services and experiences to Indian firms, citizens and companies.

Referring to India’s plans for Sovereign Green Bonds, the British minister has said that the UK would also like to help India raise that capital once it comes into existence.

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