Remove the mosque from Allahabad High Court in 3 months, SC gave strict order

Remove the mosque from Allahabad High Court in 3 months, SC gave strict order

The Supreme Court has given three months time to remove the mosque built in the Allahabad High Court premises. The top court has given this order while upholding the decision of the Allahabad High Court, in which it had asked to remove the mosque from its premises. The court rejected the petitions filed by the Waqf Masjid High Court and the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board and said that you are given three months to remove the mosque. A bench of Justice MR Shah and Justice CT Ravikumar said that if you do not remove the mosque within three months from today, then the authorities will be at liberty to demolish it.

Apart from this, the bench also allowed the petitioners to submit a memorandum to the Uttar Pradesh government, demanding that an alternative land be made available for the mosque. The bench said that the state government can consider your demand as per the rules. The bench noted that the mosque located in the High Court premises was situated on land leased to the government. His lease was canceled in 2022 itself. After this, in 2004, this land was given to the High Court so that it could expand its premises.

SC said – the mosque has no legal right to the land

The apex court noted that the High Court had sought its land back in 2012. The mosque has no legal right over it. In such a situation, we cannot interfere in the decision of the High Court. Please tell that on the application of an advocate named Abhishek Shukla, the Allahabad High Court had ordered the removal of the mosque. While speaking in favor of the mosque, Kapil Sibal said that the Allahabad High Court building was completed in 1861. Since then Muslim lawyers, clerks and clients used to offer Friday prayers at the northern corner. But at this place later the chambers of the judges were built.

Kapil Sibal opposed the removal of the mosque

However, on the demand of Muslim lawyers, the High Court gave a place for Namaz at the southern end. A mosque was later built here, but after the lease of this land was terminated, there is a demand to remove the mosque, which is wrong. He said that the mosque, which is being talked about being removed, is built on the roadside outside the Allahabad High Court premises. In such a situation, it would be wrong to say that this mosque is inside the High Court premises.

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