Referendums in Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Kherson, the four regions under Russian occupation

Referendums began on Friday in four Russian-held regions of Ukraine. Polling is being held in Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Kherson regions. These areas are occupied by Russia. The referendum will determine whether these regions will become an integral part of Russia. Russian officials gave this information.

Voting will run for five days from September 23 to September 26 in Russian-occupied Ukraine. On the first four days of the referendum, election officials will carry ballot papers to people’s homes and build each temporary polling place near residential buildings, officials said. Voting is being held to determine whether people want these regions to be included in Russia and the results are believed to be in Russia’s favour.

Emotional Images Flood Amid the vote, Russia’s social media platform was flooded with emotional images. In these pictures, people were seen hugging their loved ones leaving for military centers and bidding them farewell. Men from almost all the cities of the country were seen hugging and comforting their emotional relatives before leaving.

436 bodies removed from mass graves Ukrainian officials said 436 bodies were exhumed at a mass grave in the eastern city of Izium. Of these, 30 bodies have marks of torture. Three more mass graves were unearthed this month in areas held back by Ukrainian troops.

Evidence of war crimes found Experts at the UN human rights body said on Friday that there was evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. Experts were appointed to investigate human rights violations in Ukraine. Experts from the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council have so far focused their investigation on four regions – Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy.

Putin gave a stern warning to Western countries and asked citizens to be ready for war. It is clear from this that the war is not over yet. Putin’s decision is not a good sign for the world economy.

What effect will Putin’s decision have on the world?

If the war with Ukraine is prolonged, it will take time for the injured economy to recover. The development of the world has been affected after the fighting between the two countries started in February. Energy prices have risen along with essential goods. Oil prices have also seen an increase of 2.5 percent after Putin’s recent announcement. This may increase the tension between Russia and European countries. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says that the war between the two countries is also affecting the development of Asia.

Will the conflict affect the Indian economy?

India is keeping an eye on how Russia’s decision will have an impact after the Black Sea agreement reached in July. If the Russian decision has an effect on the consensus, then global food prices will increase and the effect can be seen in India.

Meaning of Moscow advancing some troops?

Russia has asked a select group of people to serve in the army. These people are people from the reserve forces of the Russian army who have previously served for the Russian army. Russia’s Defense Minister says that in the first phase, about three lakh soldiers have been attached to the Russian army under this process.

What does this decision of Russia mean?

The Ukrainian army has recaptured the northeastern and southern part of Russia. The Russian army has suffered heavy losses in this war. Putin has called on ordinary people to take up arms to compensate for this. However, this decision will further deepen the conflict between the two countries.

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