RCP Singh was batting on behalf of BJP while in JDU camp?

RCP Singh, once considered to be the right hand of CM Nitish Kumar, resigned from the primary membership of JDU on Saturday after being accused of corruption. All these allegations against me have been made under a conspiracy by some people, who were afraid of my growing popularity.During this, they termed JDU as a sinking ship and said that what is kept in JDU now? Along with this, RCP Singh said He also indicated the formation of his new political party.

RCP Singh Many political meanings are being extracted from this statement. When RCP Singh arrived during the BJP’s national executive meeting held in Telangana in July last month, there was speculation that he would join the BJP. However, BJP had issued a statement about this saying that RCP Singh had reached Telangana to participate in a government program.

It is worth noting that the voice of protest against RCP Singh was continuously rising within the party for some time. As JDU president last year, RCP Singh was expected by the party to talk to the central leadership about more seats for the party, but RCP Singh accepted a berth for himself in the Union Cabinet at that time. JDU leaders were also furious with this decision of RCP Singh.

After RCP Singh became the Union Minister, JDU leader and minister Ashok Chaudhary had said – I heard the statement of RCP Singh. He expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi but did not even name Nitish Kumar. This proves that he has accepted the post of minister without the consent of the party. For the second time, JDU entrusted RCP Singh with the task of securing a seat for the party in Uttar Pradesh by talking to the BJP but he failed in that too. This intensified the voice against him within the party.

Meanwhile, the attitude of RCP Singh also increased. After not getting a Rajya Sabha ticket from the party, he took a dig at his own party’s statement in which the party had said that Nitish Kumar is PM material. Taking a jibe at the party’s remark, RCP Singh had said that with 17 MPs, how can one dream of becoming the PM?

RCP Singh has resigned after receiving a show cause notice from the party regarding corruption. RCP Singh is accused of buying 800 katthas of land in 9 years between 2013 and 2022. It is alleged that many of these lands are also in the name of his IPS daughter Lipi Singh.

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