RCP Singh resigns from JDU after being accused of buying 800 katthas of land in 9 years

Former JDU national president RCP Singh, who is considered the ride-hand of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has resigned from the party due to allegations of corruption. Talking to media persons in Nalanda on Saturday, RCP Singh said, “All these allegations against me have been leveled by some people as part of a conspiracy, who were afraid of my growing popularity.” He further said- ‘I resign with immediate effect. What is left in JD(U) now? JD(U) is a sinking ship. What will I do with the JD(U) bag? Along with this, RCP Singh has also indicated to form a new party.

JDU had issued a show cause notice to RCP Singh on the allegations of corruption and sought his reply. ACP Singh is accused of creating huge assets between 2013 and 2022. In the show cause notice issued by JDU to ACP Singh, it has been said that in 9 years you have got 58 plots registered in the name of the family. In this way, a total of 800 katthas of land have been purchased. In the notice, RCP Singh has been asked that how did he acquire so much property? According to the information, RCP Singh’s IPS daughter Lipi Singh is also named among the buyers.

According to the JDU notice, it is alleged that RCP Singh has bought 40 bighas of land in Asthawan and Islampur, two blocks of Nalanda district. It is believed that RCP Singh has property in other districts of Bihar as well. According to the information, most of the land of RCP Singh is in the name of wife Girja Singh and both daughters Lipi Singh and Lata Singh.

It is also alleged that RCP Singh did not give the details of these properties in the affidavit of the year 2016 though their registry was done between 2013 and 2016. According to the notice, 33 plots have been registered in the name of RCP Singh’s family in Sherpur Malti Mauja, Asthavan. Out of these 33 plots, 4 plots have been purchased in the name of Lipi Singh and 18 plots in the name of Lata Singh while 12 plots are registered in the name of his wife Girija Devi.

While sending the details of RCP Singh’s assets along with the notice, JDU has asked him 5 questions.

first question- Have you bought 40 bighas of land since 2013 in two blocks of Nalanda?

second question- Have you bought these properties with reasonable income? Because the party considers this purchase of yours to be irregular.

Third question- Most of the land is in the name of your wife and both the daughters. Why didn’t you mention it in your 2016 affidavit?

Fourth question- There is also some such property that someone had donated to someone and the donor later sold that land to you.

Fifth question- Somebody bought land from the other and then after a few days why did you sell the same land to your daughters?

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