Ravish Kumar said after his resignation – I am that bird, whose nest someone else flew away

Ravish Kumar said after his resignation – I am that bird, whose nest someone else flew away

Ravish Kumar, who was the group editor and star anchor of NDTV channel, has resigned from his post. Pranay Roy and Radhika Roy have already resigned from RRPR, the holding company of NDTV, since then there were speculations about Ravish’s resignation as well. Now Ravish Kumar himself has given information about his resignation on his YouTube channel and remembered the past days in an emotional farewell address. Not only this, during this he also told that now he will be seen on YouTube channel only. During this, Ravish Kumar said in a taunting manner, ‘Today’s evening is such an evening, where the bird cannot see its nest because someone else has taken it away. But the sky is definitely open till that bird gets tired.’

Ravish Kumar recollecting the days from his initial journey till date said that it is possible only in NDTV that a letter reader becomes group editor. But today I am resigning. If the day was to come, but this day is not looking good. Ravish Kumar, who became popular through his NDTV prime time show, said, ‘There was never a golden age in Indian journalism, but there was never a bhasma yug like this either. This day also had to come. There is no dearth of Godi media channels but they too are claiming journalism. Godi media and government also want to impose their own meaning of journalism on you. At this point of time, I do not want anything special about my institute. You cannot be neutral in sentimentality.

Ravish Kumar said that I have spent 26 years here and this journey has its own ups and downs. Now these memories will be useful for listening and reciting among friends. The senior journalist said that I have got something or the other from everyone and I am grateful to everyone. When the daughter leaves, she keeps looking at her maternal home for a long time. My condition is also like this, let me leave now. I will talk about it in detail some other time. NDTV taught one thing that TV means only one thing, the team. However, in the era of anchors becoming stars, this tradition kept breaking.

Raising questions on the journalism of the present era, Ravish said that my belief is getting deeper that the system may end, but the people remain. One day these people will make a better system than this. Some people believe that by eliminating the media and the opposition, the public can be eliminated. But you will make the way out of the slavery of hatred and you have to make it. Ravish Kumar also recalled his prime time show and said that waiting for 9 o’clock every morning started for me. He said that today the media space of India has changed. Think about those youths who are studying it by spending lakhs of rupees and they have to do brokerage, not journalism.

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