Rape threats were received in Pakistan, family of 10 people reached India via Nepal

Many Hindu families want to come to India because of the persecution of minorities in Pakistan. However, Pakistan does not want to let them come easily. Due to the cancellation of the visa of a Dalit family of 10 people, he had to travel from Nepal to Barmer. He was a resident of Mirpur Khas in Sindh.

Let us tell you that the direct distance from Mirpur Khas to Barmer is only 240 kilometers. Earlier Thar Express used to run between the two trains but in 2019 Pakistan stopped its operation. When India removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan also banned the Thar Express.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, 32-year-old Rajesh Kumar said that he used to get constant threats in Pakistan. Younger brother Harish was arrested by the Pakistan agency on charges of money laundering. Kumar said, as soon as he was released in September 2021, Harish was kidnapped by his own friends and started demanding ransom. They used to threaten women with rape. When the kidnappers came to know that they did not have money to pay, they were released after 47 days.

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He said, if we had stayed in Pakistan, I don’t know what would have happened to us. The family is Dalit Meghwal. A large number of Hindus live in Sindh province of Pakistan. When threats continued from the local administration, the family made a plan to leave Pakistan. On December 9, the whole family had moved to Dubai. From there he applied for a visa to India which was rejected.

On 16 December the whole family left for Nepal. He felt that India’s visa would be easily available from Nepal. Kumar said that the case is going on against Harish, so he has not come to India yet. He is in Nepal only. He said that with the help of a local person in Nepal, he crossed the border and came to India.