Rakesh Tikait’s family threatened to be bombed, first called, then continuous messages

Rakesh Tikait’s family threatened to be bombed, first called, then continuous messages

The family of Bhakiyu spokesperson Rakesh Tikait has been threatened with a bomb. National President of Bhakiyu Youth Wing and Naresh Tikait’s son Gaurav Tikait’s mobile phone was threatened by the first call. When Gaurav disconnected the phone, several threatening messages were sent. The information of the case has been given to the police. Police is engaged in investigation. Rakesh Tikait said after the threat that for the first time someone has threatened to blow up the bomb. In our place, people talk about killing with a knife. The topic of bomb has come up for the first time.

Tikait said that he was threatened by calling first. When the phone was disconnected, threats were made by sending several messages continuously. It was written in the message that your family is very jumpy. touring a lot. Bihar is also going. Sit at home, otherwise they will blow you up with bombs.

National President of Youth Wing Chaudhary Gaurav Tikait told that the call was received on Wednesday afternoon. The caller expressed displeasure over Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait’s Bihar tour. Said it’s not right.

Gaurav Tikait told that when he tried to end the conversation, the caller gave a warning. After this, threatened that if the activism did not subside, the entire family would be bombed.

Told that the whole incident has been informed to the police. Police has investigated the matter and assured to take action against the accused. Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait has also written a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah.

Sent obscene messages on WhatsApp with threats on disconnecting the phone

Gaurav Tikait told that he disconnected the phone. After that a threatening message also came. Obscene remarks were also made in the message. Was abused. The Tikait family has been receiving threats. Rakesh Tikait along with the farmers started a sit-in at the Delhi border from 28 November 2020 in protest against the agriculture law.

During that time too, Manak Mishra of Bhagalpur had threatened to kill him on the phone. Rakesh Tikait received threats several times during the dharna. Apart from this, last year also Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait was threatened with death.

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