Rajnath Singh lashed out at the opposition, said – will relinquish power but will not let an inch of land in the country

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Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that he will relinquish power but will not let an inch of land go to India. We want good relations with neighboring countries. We will neither take any one inch of land nor give it. He said that the sacrifice of the soldiers of Bihar Regiment cannot be forgotten. They bow to the mothers from whose womb those young men were born. The Union Defense Minister was addressing the election meeting in favor of JDU candidate Shalini Mishra in the premises of DP High School in Hussaini, Kesaria Assembly.

He said that some people are creating confusion that China has occupied India’s land. Such people should remember the history from 1962 to 2013. While the reality is that our soldiers have protected their motherland by martyrdom. There should not be politics in this. The soldiers of our country have always shown valor and valor. Rajnath Singh said that we do not have the character of kneeling. Taunting the RJD, he said that the lantern has burst and oil has been washed away. Some people are misleading the youth to give them jobs. There was an exodus of talent during the 15-year rule of the RJD.

The Defense Minister said that CM Nitish Kumar was never exposed to corruption. Some people of Bihar are breaking the limits. But Nitish Kumar never crossed the limits. We keep what we promise. He said that we have introduced a bill to increase the income of farmers. Which Congress says that farmers will be exploited by this bill. Whereas after this bill is implemented, the income of small farmers will also increase. He said that some people are creating confusion that Shalini is not a BJP candidate. They want to make it clear to such people that Shalini is a BJP candidate. She is the candidate of PM Modi and Rajnath Singh. He said that just like there is an opening pair of Sachin and Sehwag in cricket, similarly there is a pair of Modi and Nitish.

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